Wednesday, 11/30/2022

The following Hub resources may be available to support innovators' research. Please contact UofL-ExCITE directly for additional information.

UofL-ExCITE Resources

Center for Predictive Medicine image of external link icon (CPM) is a BSL-3 facility focused on developing therapeutics against highly pathogenic infectious agents.
Owensboro Cancer Research Program image of external link icon (OCRP) Kentucky Bioprocessing LLC image of external link icon (KBP) partnership specializes in the discovery and cGMP manufacture of novel vaccines and biologics by expressing proteins in transgenic tobacco plants.
Cardiovascular Innovation Institute image of external link icon (CII) is a multidisciplinary venture offering unique capabilities for finding solutions to cardiovascular problems.
Brown Cancer Center image of external link icon (BCC) is a world class treatment facility that has embraced translational research focusing on drug discovery/development and which has also developed innovative business models for public-private partnerships.
Micro/Nanotechnology and Rapid Prototyping Cores at the Speed School of Engineering image of external link icon support the development of innovative devices and sensors.
UofL-Kentucky Dataseam Initiative image of external link icon collaboration has established a statewide distributed computational grid in the K-12 school districts of Kentucky. This greatly facilitates virtual screening efforts and a 21,000,000 compound library can be screened with full flexibility and full analysis against any target in less than four days.
UofL's integrated drug discovery and development resources include structure-based drug design and virtual screening, medicinal chemistry, biophysical characterization and structural biology, and several in vivo testing core facilities.

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